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Project 49 VIP Personal Training and Coaching


Project 49 is not just another online program. We begin your journey with an actual one on one call with Coach Allen to discuss the Program best for you.  

This is an online, monthly coaching program. All-access pass is $97 monthly, cancel anytime. 

You will be granted INSTANT access to our entire library of programs, nutrition plans, workouts and coaching videos.

You will be invited to our VIP Coaching group AND get the foillowing:


  • -The NEW Complete Meal Plan System
  • -The NEW Shred Fat Burner Workout
  • -100 Bonus Recipes
  • Bonus Workouts for home, on the road or in the gym 
  • FREE ACCESS to our August 10 launch of 4 ALL NEW PROJECT 49 training programs



What People Are Saying:

“Ok guys just got done with the first 6 weeks on the Project 49 plan. I’ll share more tomorrow night on the stream but just wanted to post and let everyone know how awesome this plan is. I hit my “breaking point” earlier this year when I got up to 260 pounds. I looked like I was about 8 months pregnant. Big round belly, multiple chins, just embarrassing. My wife Nikki told me about the plan and I decided I was ready. I took a couple weeks to eat better and lost a few pounds then started the program. It has been a game changer!! For me, it’s finally a lifestyle change instead of a fad diet that doesn’t last to the end of the week. I can’t say everything in one post, and I’ve still got work to do but I’ve lost around 35 pounds and feel great! Shout out to Allen Branch and Dustin Segers for designing this amazing program! 👊🏻👊🏻”

Ryan Jacobs

“Project 49 was a massive win for me. I was so committed to the wrong things before trying to solve it all on my own. I got some results but I finally after recovering from a 6 month injury submitted to someone else’s program (P49). Within 6 weeks, I lost well over 20 lbs. I weigh less now than I weighed 15 years ago! The food is tremendous. The training is brutally efficient, and the team is so engaged and uplifting. I have found success and friends here with Project 49”

Casey Johnson

“Project49 is a plan for people that are ready to lose weight, have tried doing it for so long and not seeing results. The plan shows you can lose weight by following simple rules. This is the plan that uses “work smarter not harder” to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.”

Layla Johnson

“I love the ability to do this plan from home. I don’t have the time to commit to going to a gym every day. Project 49 allows me to achieve success without stepping foot in a gym. I have lost 24 lbs in 5 weeks and am still going strong. Allen has the science based research focused into a plan that is built for success. The meal plan is easy to follow and my workouts are mostly under 20 minutes. I feel leaner, stronger and more confident in myself every day. I am so thankful for Allen and his team and would highly recommend Project 49. It is changing my life!!”

Lori Davis Hayes

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