Be Great After Age 40...And Beyond.

Our 49 day transformation program has helped thousands of people over age 40 transform in just 7 weeks. 

49 Days of Project 49 coaching, daily workouts and 2 all-new recipes every day for 49 days. 



Start 2021 with a complete, turn key solution to your fitness goals.

Last year was tough, this year can be better. Let us handle the workouts, nutrtion plans, exercise form and all the planning, while you meet your goals and look great. 

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Amazing Transformations 

People over 40 are losing muscle mass. Our program is designed to help you reverse that. Laura made this amazing transformation in just 5 weeks working out less than 30 minutes 3x a week, and never being hungry. 

The easy to follow daily online training videos make it easy. 

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Kelly Lost 26 Pounds in 16 Workouts

When you follow a science based program with the right meal plan and coaching, the results are like magic. 

Each day you receive not only a workout plan, but also coaching to be sure you stay on track and #followtheplan.

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Amanda lost 35 Pounds in 49 Days

"Project 49 has been life changing for me! I have toned muscles in places I never thought I would see again. I feel 25 again!" 

Nutrition is important, and each day you will get 2 new custom P49 recipes to keep in your go-to healthy library of foods to eat to look great. 

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Charles lost 181 pounds in 11 months

Watch it happen. 

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Kelly lost 21 pounds in 21 days 

Firming her stomach, toning legs and glutes and transforming following the Project 49 plan. 

In your private member portal, you will get everything you need each day for success. 

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49 Day Transformation


Most Popular Training Option

  • 49 Days of coaching with The Project 49 Team 
  • A new workout plan in your private portal everyday for 7 weeks 
  • 2 new high protein/low carb recipes everyday 
  • Printable workouts, nutrition plans and recipes 
  • Proven weight loss and fitness solutions for people over 40
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Start training today in the fitness program created for people just like you

With Project 49, you start with instant access to our private member portal. Once inside, you will get the tips, tricks and secrets we use with out personal clients to get amazing transformations of mind and body. 

In your new portal, you will get a new plan everyday for 49 days. A new workout, coaching plan, and 2 new recipes every single day. 

Once we restore your lean muscle mass, your metabolism will be super charged and burning fat will be easier than ever before. 

Workouts, meal plans, evercise form, recipes and coaching-It is all here inside the Project 49 transformation system.