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Now people over 40 can build lean muscle, reduce stubborn bodyfat and improve their ability to live and move. Welcome to system based fitness. 


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All Fitness Programs Are Not Created Equal

Age related muscle loss, weight gain and declining energy levels are all corrected in a results based program specific for people over age 35. We have clients in their 70's still turning back the clock.

Why Choose Project 49?

Because you understand that people over 40 have unique challenges that you can overcome with the right training program.

Your metabolism is slowing down.

After age 40, (and as early as your 30's) you begin losing muscle, which slows the metabolism, changes body composition and ages you faster. We want to fix it. 

Your muscles do not look toned

Adding lean muscle mass improves movement, speeds metabolism, helps with glucose disposal and makes you feel, and look younger. We will show you how. 

You know the clock is ticking

You just don't move like you used to, and it sure would be nice to get pep back in your step. 

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   Everyone needs a coach-And everyone needs a mentor. Let us help you learn how to exercise safely and effectively. 

Our Clients Can't Stop Getting Results

It all works when you follow the plan-And The Project 49 Online coaching platform is a proven fitness system with thousands of transformations from people just like you.

"I would never have dreamed Project 49 could do this in just 3 weeks. All I had to do was follow the plan."

Kelly R
Marketing Specialist

"I hit my “breaking point” earlier this year when I got up to 260 pounds. I looked like I was about 8 months pregnant. Big round belly, multiple chins, just embarrassing. I then decided to join the Inner Circle Program. It has been a game changer!! For me, it’s finally a lifestyle change instead of a fad diet that doesn’t last to the end of the week. I can’t say everything in one post, and I’ve still got work to do but I’ve lost around 35 pounds and feel great! Shout out to Allen Branch and Dustin Segers for designing this amazing program! 👊🏻👊🏻"

Ryan Jacobs
Real Estate Professional

"I Lost 26 pounds in 16 workouts on the Project 49 plan. The system is easy to follow, very effective and the results come fast without damaging cardio workouts and risk of injury. A DEF recommend!"

Kelly R
Banking Supervisor

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Meet Your Coaches

Allen Branch

Allen Branch is a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Performance Enhancement Specialist with the NASM. He also is certified as a Sports Nutrition Specialist, Sports Conditioning Specialist and Resistance Training Biomechanics by the World Renown Cooper Institute in Dallas. He also holds a Masters Certificate in Project Management from Villanova University.

Allen trained by the legendary Bruce Lee student Joe Lewis in Kickboxing, and holds Black Belts in 6 styles of martial arts, with his highest a 7th Degree. 

He currently owns a 20,000 Square foot training center in North Carolina, and operates Project 49 nationally, a fitness program designed for people over age 40 who want to get their life back. 


Dustin Segers 

Dustin Segers, PTA, CPT, ATC. is a full time clinical rehab therapist with 26 years experience in fitness, training and injury prevention. 

Dustin operates a rehabilitation clinic, is a specialist in human performance, injury prevention and strength and conditioning training. 

Understanding the needs of an aging population, Dustin is co founder of Project 49 and works with clients from across the U.S. in weight loss, pain management and life coaching. 


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